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When you think I'm moving slow, I'm moving fast. When you think I'm moving fast, I'm moving slow. When I write songs, I write them to make your heart remember how it feels to be in love. Some songs you cry with, some you smile with, and some you make love with. I grew up and was born in Washington, D.C. Smokey Robinson was my music inspiration. My vocal range is very compatible to Smokey's. I felt the calling to write about the emotions connected with love. 

My own emotional experiences made it natural for me to create these songs. The early financial benefits of a music career did not seem promising for me. Instead I served many years in full time military and civilian government service. Consequently, I retired from both. During my government career I began creating songs and melodies but did not know what to do with them. I linked up with a musician by the name of Bill Bubba Herndon, who was a high school classmate. 

I began singing the melodies while Bill began to play on the piano what he heard as a melody. This resulted in the creation of a CD titled Evolution under my former artist name of DR.

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Serving my community is essential to me and my music.  Through my career in the military and government service, I have always aimed to serve my community and will continue doing so through my music.

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