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Reginald Wiseman, Sr., affectionally known as Reggie Wise, is a talented R&B soul singer-songwriter from Washington, DC. With a deep passion for music, Reggie has spent years perfecting his craft and developing a sound that is uniquely his own. Reggie's smooth and soulful vocals, combined with his heartfelt lyrics, create a nostalgic and contemporary sound. Drawing inspiration from the classic soul music of the past and the modern R&B scene, Reggie's music is a fusion of the old and the new.

Growing up in DC, Reggie was exposed to a rich musical tradition that influenced his sound. From the soulful sounds of Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye to the go-go beats of Chuck Brown, the city's vibrant music scene has left an indelible mark on Reggie's music. As a singer and songwriter, Reggie desires to connect with his audience profoundly and emotionally. As a result, his music is a reflection of his own experiences and struggles, as well as the experiences of those around him. With a growing following, Reggie Wise quickly establishes himself as one of DC's most exciting R&B soul singers. His passion for music, commitment to his community, and undeniable talent make him a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

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Serving my community is essential to me and my music.  Through my career in the military and government service, I have always aimed to serve my community and will continue doing so through my music.

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